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Translation Services: English to Bulgarian or Bulgarian to English

We provide fast and efficient English to Bulgarian and Bulgarian to English translation services in Ireland. Our skilled Bulgarian translators provide translations of a range of documents from English to Bulgarian and from Bulgarian to English. Your time and money is important to us so we also process translation orders online and send a ready translation by post.

For more information please contact our consultant at 085 140 70 50 or at irina@ales.ie

Professional translation of Bulgarian personal documents

Most of our customers use the service of personal documents translations for Bulgarian Birth Certificates, Bulgarian Marriage Certificates, Bulgarian Diplomas and Diploma Supplements, Passports, etc. with the solicitor or notary certification and sometimes apostillisation.

Our competent consultants will advise you on any additional services that may be required when using you translations and documents in Bulgaria and abroad. This may include:

  • Sworn Bulgarian translations
  • Notarized translations and certified copies of originals
  • Legalization of original documents and translations with an Apostille
  • Legalization of Bulgarian translations in the Embassy of Bulgaria

Translation Services

Legal documents

We provide translation of a range of Bulgarian legal document types including Bulgarian court decisions, Bulgarian divorce papers, legal agreements and statutes. Our translators are experts in diverse terminology specific to Bulgarian legal documentation and will ensure your documents are translated and formatted as the original.

Economic documents

We are skilled in translation of various economic document types and posses extensive knowledge of specific financial terminology applicable to Bulgarian financial system, accounting standards, insurance and other financial services. Most popular economic translations include income statements and loan agreements, certificates of ownership and insurance certificates. Our team will ensure your documents are treated with confidentiality and will provide you with a translation you can trust.

Technical documents

Technical documents translation requires utmost precision and professionalism. We guarantee your technical document is translated with greatest attention to details and considering any used abbreviations, acronyms and specific terminology. The service will include formatting of the original, including positions of all formulae, figures and photographs, and translation of accompanying captions.

Specialist documents

In the nowadays global community you may require translation of online resources such as websites, online promotion materials, banners and presentations. Our linguists will take special care of keeping your professionalism and personal style in the translation and include any pictures, diagrams or tables which your resource may contain.

We are very particular about delivering your order on terms and for the lowest rates, however, large volume documents are usually not subject to a same day service. Our consultants are always available and put their greatest effort to assist you with urgent translations into/from Bulgarian. Please contact us and you can always be sure you will receive the best service you deserve!


Contact Information

We are located in the very heart of Dublin city and are delighted to answer any of your queries.  Our long opening hours are for your convenience, but if you cannot find time to come to our office please use our convenient online customer service.

Telephone / fax (01) 872 81 79|  Mob: 085 140 70 50
Email Please email us: irina@ales.ie

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Website www.ales.ie | www.apostille.ie

3d Floor, 55 Lower O’Connell Street, Dublin 1, Ireland

Opening hours Monday to Friday: 9.00 - 18.00,  Saturday: appointments only